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    Organic production


      sales to Romania+Moldova

      We are Euro Food Management Romania Agency with great experience in sales of Food (FMCG sector) to key accounts and big resellers on Romanian territory and Republic of Moldova.
      Our team has great expertise in B2B and consist of:

      Cristian IONITA,CEO , with 20 years practice in retail business (EN,FR)
      Cristian FAGADAR, administrator, with 20 years practice in sales and production (EN,FR)
      Dan BOUREANU , ASM Moldova ,with 20 years practice in retail and Food production (EN)

      Please accept my proposal to be represented by our company as sales commission Agency (find legal guidance for doing international business )
      Keep in mind that I offer to you sales to International Key Accounts located in Romania (more than 1700 shops) and big resellers. Targeting chains stores is useless through an intermediate company ,reseller or distributor company because of operational costs and difference in selling policy.
      If your products will be placed on IKA shelves by an reseller or distribution company this items will be expensive with 100% then origin and sales will be very low.
      For that purpose we established and register you Romanian Branch with minimum cost ,effort and time from your company.
      Your Romanian Branch will sell to All IKA chain stores and Big Resellers on Romanian + Republic of Moldova territory. Your goods can be branded , private label or bulk products .
      All contracts will be signed between clients and your Romanian Branch and logistic services will be provided by multinational companies (DELAMODE , Tibett ,Norbert- Dentressangle ).

      Big chains shops develop very fast in Romania ( ).
      Day after day are opened new shops .It is a market of about 10 billion euros yearly.
      Our targeted clients are Metro CC , Kaufland , Auchan, Carrefour, Selgros CC , Billa Rewe ,Cora Hypermarket ,Delhaize Mega Image, Lidl , Rewe Penny and Profi Rom Food meaning international key accounts (11 IKA chains stores).
      In Republic of Moldova chains are: Metro Cash&Carry, Kaufland, Fourchette, Linella,Unimarket, Green Hills and our company can manage the sales to this clients from Romanian Branch.
      Administrator of the Romanian Branch will be yourself and is legally in Romania
      Remember that starting with 1 June 2015 Romanian VAT=9% for all Food items.

      Romanian chain Nr of stores
      Metro CC 26
      Selgros CC 20
      Auchan 31
      Kaufland 103
      Billa 95
      Cora 10
      Mega Image SMK 203
      Mega Image Shop&Go 224
      Lidl 188
      Penny 165
      Carrefour HMK 28
      Carrefour SPM 97
      Profi 380

      Agency commission depends on complexity of the project and is negotiable.

      Selling to Romania as Your Own Branch
      Sales commission 5% for Agency
      territory Romania + Moldova
      Clients IKA + resellers

      If you need a business plan please do not hesitate to request for it. A Brake Even Point on current costs can be offered by us after a strong survey of the market during the contract.
      All branded products will be sold to Romania (and Republic of Moldova) will be translated in Romanian ( and Hungarian Language at least).
      You and your team are welcome to Bucharest any time to know better each other and to talk about our business.

      Cristian Mihai FAGADAR
      Mobil +40724 525 484

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Outsourcing co-operation
      2. Sales / Distribution
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Outsourcing co-operation