Nikola Filipović

Association of agriculture producers Banatska lenija

Bilateral Meetings

  • (2p.m. - 5p.m.)
DescriptionAssociation of agriculture producers Banatska lenija Kikinda established in 2003 gathers more than 200 producers. Crop farming is presented in Banatska lenija with production of wheat (grain crops), corn and sunflower. Vegetable producers mainly produce tomatoes, cabbage plants, peppers, cucumber, lettuce… Farmers are oriented to the production of milk (dairy cows), in production of pigs only surviving major agricultural systems while the production of small farmers is only for personal use. Goat breeding is in its infancy. Fruit and grape growing is evolving, especially the production of hazelnuts, quince and apples, as well as wine production.
Organization Type Cluster,
CityKikinda, Braće Laković 35 Google map
Areas of Activities